Classic Film Presets 2020

It's time to get active again. I've barely taken a digital picture in the last two months. Instead, I have photographed, developed and scanned a great deal of film, and have completely immersed myself in this process. Afterwards it felt somehow very strange to look at digital pictures and work on them. Adobe develops each raw with a gradation curve already applied to it. The Adobe profiles show this in different ways. Adobe Neutral is a good compromise and already a step in the right direction, but it's still not a truly linear tonal curve. I have now created a profile that gives us this gradient. After that, the automatisms of LR can gladly get started and distribute the tonal values over the entire histogram. By this way, motifs that are very rich in contrast as also those that are very low in contrast are always corrected homogeneously. The scan software stretches the tonal value range in the same way. My first fear was that it would then become too digitally perfect. But so far it seems to me that all this is very much within the limits. Here we see pictures that were taken with a D800. 36mp, very high dynamics, excellent 50mm at F4 for portraits and otherwise at F8. Judge for yourself. Is that too digital? Everything was corrected automatically after the preset was applied. White balance was fixed for daylight. This is the Portra 400, by the way.



  • Amazing job.
    I would buy it for sure.

  • What a fantastic film look it is!….

    How can I buy…or get this preset?

    Hyun Pil Min

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