About the Solaris Project

Solaris Velvia 50

We love the look of analogue film stocks. It is the slight alienations, the loving details of the image of reality that we find it difficult to devise ourselves. A charm surrounds these recordings, a charm that we have often tried to authentically replicate. Sometimes we failed, sometimes we won, but every time we learned a lot. The Solaris project revolves around all that has been learned.

The Solaris project combines the characteristics of different analogue films in a new context. This results in emulations of films that have never existed, but which it could have been very well. If you free yourself from wanting to work as authentically as possible, you will have so many unexpected possibilities of getting closer to analogue photography than was previously possible. The project focuses primarily on the high dynamic range of negative film and a gentle handling of the image data, which offers plenty of room for own changes.

The Solaris project is in constant change. At first it includes 12 film emulations, but every month a new film is added, which is delivered as a free update.

You will need Lightroom Classic CC 7.3, Adobe CameraRAW 10.3 or higher. Lightroom 6.14 isn't supported!

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Before and after

Solaris Elite Chrome 100

Solaris Portrait XPS 160 + 1 Stop

Solaris Gold 200 

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