About the Classic Lab

The Classic Lab was replaced by a revised version and I merged several products. The Classic Film Presets 2021 are now the measure of things, the very big toolbox.

The idea is the same. There are many approaches to translating an analog film with a preset into the digital world. VSCO, ReallyNiceImages, Mastin Labs, they all have their own idea of what a Kodak Portra 400 should look like. But we analog enthusiasts know it's all a matter of interpretation. There is no 'film looks like this'. If a negative film is scanned, it still has to be converted into a positive and here you quickly notice that there are many possible interpretations. Silverfast isn't as neutral as Vuescan and a Lab scanner sometimes seems to be able to do magic. If you nod in agreement now, then you are probably either Team Frontier SP-3000 or Team Noritsu HS-1800. But maybe you don't feel like a 3F-Scan from a Flextight X5? The Classic Lab does not only emulate the film, but also the scanner.

The scanner

A profile emulates the scanner. Here the colors and tonal values are moved to the correct starting position to provide a perfect basis for the preset. This is where the magic of the Lab Scanner happens. You can use 2 Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000 profiles, a profile for the Noritsu HS-1800 and also one for the Flextight X5. 

The film

The preset emulates the film and moves within the frame allowed by the scanner profile. All presets are optimized to offer the greatest possible analog charm with the best dynamic range.



Shot by: Felix Rödiger, Daniel Dittus, Malte Grüner, André Duhme, Philipp Höfer, Lucas Coersten